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About USGIN Lab

A partnership of the Association of American State Geologists (AASG - state geological surveys) and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) formally agreed in 2007 to develop a national geoscience information framework that is distributed, interoperable, uses open source standards and common protocols, respects and acknowledges data ownership, fosters communities of practice to grow, and develops new web services and clients. The AASG and USGS have formed an interagency Steering Committee to pursue design and implementation of the U.S. Geoscience Information Network (USGIN).

Organizations & Projects - USGIN parent organizations, funders, partners, projects, and giants we are building on

Standards - International technical standards on geospatial data, metadata, protocols, and web services

Exactly what?
Profiles - Specifications for USGIN specific profile implementations of above standards
Applications - Software applications that may support above standards and profiles

Making it real!
Implementations - Implement profiles and software applications together to create data, metadata, and web services
Community - Discussions and work groups on USGIN profile and implementation development

USGIN System Overview

USGIn system overview diagram

Latest additions and changes
Using jQuery for basic ISO Metadata record form validation | 10 years 33 weeks ago
» ESRI's Geoportal metadata record editing has some validity checking, but error checking does not occur until after a metadata record form is submitted.  This can be a wasteful process because it...
ESRI Geoportal | 10 years 35 weeks ago
» ESRI's Geoportal is an open-source metadata catalog system capable of providing an OGC CSW Service. Due to its good documentation and relatively easy workflow for handling custom metadata profiles,...
Association of American State Geologists | 10 years 36 weeks ago
» The Association of American State Geologists (AASG) is an organization of the chief executives of the state geological surveys in 50 states and Puerto Rico. Founded in 1908, AASG seeks to advance the...
Git Setup: Public Repositories, Secure Commits | 10 years 36 weeks ago
» I did this primarily based on blog postings at, and also
Geoportal Project Setup and Workflow | 10 years 36 weeks ago
» Modifying the Geoportal source code for the USGIN project is a team based effort.  Managing a project like this requires each user/programmer having the right tools and using the appropriate...
How to Install Apache Tomcat for Development Mode | 10 years 36 weeks ago
» The following text was taken from the RUNNING.txt file found in the root folder of a downloaded and unzipped copy of Apache Tomcat.  The steps outlined below describe how to setup Apache Tomcat...
How to Install Apache Ant | 10 years 36 weeks ago
» Visit for Apache Ant recommended installation proceedures.
Cygwin; the Unix-like Command Line Interface - Installation | 10 years 36 weeks ago
» Cygwin is a Unix-like command line interface (CLI).  It can be used to interact with the local operating system to perform computer management or programming related tasks.  Here is how to...
Use of ISO metadata specifications to describe geoscience information resources, v.1.1 | 10 years 38 weeks ago
» Public release of the USGIN ISO 19139 (ISO 19115 and ISO 19119) profile document for metadata describing geoscience resources. Supersedes older versions titled "Use of ISO 19139 xml schema to...
ESRI Geoportal Metadata Record Editor Default Map Zoom/Extent | 10 years 39 weeks ago
» The USGIN's implementation of ESRI's Geoportal has a metadata record editor.  The editor is used when adding a new metadata record to the applications database or updating an existing record....
PyGreSQL: This will be useful! | 10 years 39 weeks ago
» PyGreSQL is a python library that allows you to write python code to interact with a PostgreSQL database. I can see some utility here if I start wanting to write Django methods that do things like...
Postgres COPY for CSV importing | 10 years 40 weeks ago
» Working on some integration between Geoserver, Django and NCGMP geodatabases, I often need to use PostgreSQL's COPY command to import data from CSV files into PostgreSQL. Here are some tips:
AZGS Drupal Module | 10 years 40 weeks ago
» The AZGS document repository's ( entries can be exported to ISO 19139 metadata xml files.  These exported files are stored in a web accessible folder that can be...
Git Workflow | 10 years 40 weeks ago
» In a recent post I described setting up a project's Git repository and cloning the project from the repository so you can make changes to the project.  In this post I will describe a recommended...
Creating a Git Repository and Project | 10 years 40 weeks ago
» We've been using Git to manage our Geoportal source code and the Drupal source code to the AZGS Document Repository website.  The following steps show an example of how to use Git to setup a...
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