USGIN products

This page provides an overview of products generated or in development by the USGIN project. These include specifications developed by the network community to describe data interchange formats, profiles of existing services or interchange formats,  guidelines for practice. Also listed are various discussion papers and draft specifications that represent work in progress.  Documents are hosted in the USGIN document repository and linked from these pages.  Links to important web pages for accessing the catalog are also provided.


Simple Feature Content Model Guidelines: This document is intended to provide guidance for creating an Excel workbook that defines a content model for a flat file data interchange format, to be implemented in XML as a GML simple feature

   XML schema for data interchange

   State geothermal data content models: this page is a directory of the current Excel worksheet versions of the data interchange formats in use by the AASG Geothermal data project.

Metadata Recommendations for Geoscience Resources:  This document provides guidance on the metadata content required to meet the use requirements for USGIN metadata. The content model is not specific to any particular metadata standard or implemenation.

Use of ISO metadata specifications to describe geoscience information resources: This document describes recommended practices for using ISO19139 xml encoding of ISO 19115 and ISO 19119 metadata to describe a broad spectrum of geoscience resources.

Guidelines for implementation of USGIN metadata content recommendations in ISO 19139 XML metadata: This document provides a review of each content item in the USGIN metadata content recommendation and how it is implemented in the ISO19139 XML profile.

URI policies  This document presents a proposal for minting of dereferenceable http URIs for use in interoperable web services.

Metadata Wizard (by Wolfgang Grunberg). Drupal application for creating metadata records. Login using an existing identity provider (Google, Yahoo, Windows Live, OpenID), create and export metadata records as ISO19139, FGDC or csw:Record.  Tutorial (by Leah Musil and Jordan Matti) is here.

USGIN Document repository (by Wolfgang Grunberg and Ryan Clark). Register document resources, and upload to repository or link to document. Metadata is exported to web-accessible directory for harvest into USGIN catalog.  Development notes here.

USGIN Catalog is currently implemented using ESRI Geoportal to provide a search interface and CSW service. Metadata is stored in a MySQL backend as ISO19139 XML documents, search is enabled by Lucene indexing against an abstract metadata model that includes CSW core and ISO CSW profile queryable elements.

GeoSciML WFS client proof of concept application (by Averill Cate)

Catalog client for ArcMap add-in (by Genhan Chen)

Django application for URI redirection (by Ryan Clark). Has management console to build rewrite rules using regular expressions. This is used as resolver for USGIN URI's, but can be easily configured for other URI schemes. Code base has been overhauled as of 04/2012 to make it more portable.

USGIN Tutorials. Home page with index of current USGIN system tutorials. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Discussion of data delivery using interchange formats for State Geothermal Data project. This project is a demonstration of the pattern for data access envisioned for the whole geoscience information network.

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