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About USGIN Lab

A partnership of the Association of American State Geologists (AASG - state geological surveys) and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) formally agreed in 2007 to develop a national geoscience information framework that is distributed, interoperable, uses open source standards and common protocols, respects and acknowledges data ownership, fosters communities of practice to grow, and develops new web services and clients. The AASG and USGS have formed an interagency Steering Committee to pursue design and implementation of the U.S. Geoscience Information Network (USGIN).

Organizations & Projects - USGIN parent organizations, funders, partners, projects, and giants we are building on

Standards - International technical standards on geospatial data, metadata, protocols, and web services

Exactly what?
Profiles - Specifications for USGIN specific profile implementations of above standards
Applications - Software applications that may support above standards and profiles

Making it real!
Implementations - Implement profiles and software applications together to create data, metadata, and web services
Community - Discussions and work groups on USGIN profile and implementation development

USGIN System Overview

USGIn system overview diagram

Latest additions and changes
Testing your Web Services using Non-Proprietary GIS Software (uDig) | 9 years 32 weeks ago
» Testing your Web Services using Non-Proprietary GIS Software (uDig)
Using and Customizing Leaflet | 9 years 34 weeks ago
» Leaflet is a simple javascript framework for building web-mapping applications. In thier words: Leaflet is a modern, lightweight open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive...
Making Web Maps | 9 years 34 weeks ago
OpenSearch Home Page | 9 years 43 weeks ago
» OpenSearch search standard. Defines OpenSearch Description Document that provides and XML service description that allows client software to formulate search requests to a search endpoint that has an...
The 2nd version of CSW Client application | 9 years 44 weeks ago
» The only difference between this version and the previous version is that this version is using FGDC Service Status Checker Web Service to test if the map service url provided in the...
Set up WCS service as prototype | 9 years 45 weeks ago
»  Copy of CASE NGDS - DOE Funded: 217-578 at http://task.usgin.orgOn server side, WCS can be published successfully by different servers without any symbology information (color ramp).On...
USGIN CSW Profile Home | 9 years 46 weeks ago
» A web service interface to search metadata catalogs. With the funding of the GIN project, and its dependency on existing (GEON, NGMDB) or soon to exist (NGGDPP) hosts for catalog/discovery services,...
JSON template for a 'complete' metadata record | 9 years 47 weeks ago
» Incorporates concepts from ISO 19115, 19115-1, 19119, FGDC, 19110, and FRBR along with some additional stuff like recording the lineage of the metadata record, which is useful in a metadata...
Scenario for a community metadata editor | 9 years 47 weeks ago
» IntroductionThis is a scenario for a generic metadata edit tool, intended for brainstorming development of a community component that is transportable and reusable. Use of a standardized tool for...
AGU Fall 2011 -- 2 posters: GeoSciML v3 release, and USGIN metadata | 9 years 47 weeks ago
» GeoSciML v3 'release' announcement posterUSGIN metadata poster
State Geothermal Data and the US Geoscience Information Network; SDSC Summer institute in Geoinformatics | 9 years 47 weeks ago
» Outline: Background; Approach: Metadata, Services, Interchange formats; Current status; Architecture and artifacts; Way forward
GSA national meeting 2011: USGIN Data integration framework | 9 years 47 weeks ago
» Progress 2010-2011, service inventory, promoting transition to open data and reusuable applications.
CSW client application | 9 years 51 weeks ago
» This is an ArcMap add-in application which can access the CSW Catalog Services to locate WMS services that can be added as layers in an ArcMap (v10) project. This is a simplified version of the ESRI...
Thredds Installation | 10 years 3 weeks ago
» 1) Install Java and Tomcat, and set environment variables: JAVA_HOME, TOMCAT_HOME and CATALINA_HOME.2) Download the latest Thredds.war file here: Then put...
NetCDF Clients | 10 years 4 weeks ago
» 1) Python script tool (ArcGIS tool): No installation is needed for this...
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