USGIN Profiles


Profiles are documents that provide guidance for the use of one or more standards for some particular application, as well as specifying some some aspects that are not treated in any of the standards documents. Profiles for particular geoscience information web services are the artifacts that define the US Geoscience Information Network; these constitute the community aggreements that make interoperability possible within the network.

Profiles listed here are in various development stages.

GeoSciML services are OGC Web Feature Services (WFS) that utilize GeoSciML as the transport encoding for filters in requests and for response documents. These services are being integrated into OneGeology for delivery of geoscience feature data. The CGI Interoperability working group has conducted 3 testbed excercises in the development of these services, and a few operational examples exist. Many details of content encoding, vocabulary usage and service architecture have emerged that will need to be specified in a USGIN profile for these services to make them interoperable.

The USGIN Catalog profile is in active development and testing under the auspices of the NSF-funded Geoscience Interoperability Project. A Profile document draft will be posted soon. This profile will detail use of ISO 19139 encoding of the ISO 19115/119 content models for metadata, using the North American profile of ISO 19115, to define an ISO output schema for use with the OGC catalog service for the web (CSW 2.0.2)

Vocabulary Service development is occurring in numerous different contexts around the world, and there is as yet no emerging group working on development of a standard vocabulary service. In the context of geoscience information, the Australian AuScope project has been making a great deal of progress in specifying and developing a vocabulary service that will guide development of a USGIN vocabulary service profile. Stay tuned and get involved!

Title Teaser Standards

GeoSciML WFS architecture

Interoperable OGC Web Feature Services based on the GeoSciML Schema require specification of numerous aspects of the network architecture to enable... CGI GeoSciML, OGC GML, OGC WFS

Profile for basic wells and borehole information service

Develop content model and specifications for encoding that content using GeoSciML Borehole encodings, and a simple  flat/simple feature view... OGC WFS

USGIN CSW Profile Home

A web service interface to search metadata catalogs. With the funding of the GIN project, and its dependency on existing (GEON, NGMDB) or soon to... ISO 19115, ISO 19139, OGC CSW

USGIN ISO Metadata Profile

Summary: USGIN profile for using ISO19139 xml schema for ISO 19115 and ISO 19119 spatial metadata to describe geoscientific resources. ISO 19115 is a... ISO 19115, ISO 19119, ISO 19139

USGIN Registry Service

Registries of persons and organizations are necessary as a resource to uniquely identify individuals, projects, organizations, and other kinds of...

USGIN Uniform Resource Identifier

Recommendations for usage and coining of Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) in the U.S. Geoscience Information Network.  More URI... IETF RFC 3986 - URI

USGIN Vocabulary Service Profile Home

The primary operational functions of a vocabulary service are:1) to assign meaning to a given term (i.e. a token that represents a concept)2) to... WWW SKOS

USGIN WMS profile for integrated geologic map Web Map Services

The key to interoperable map services is the ability to portray adjacent maps using the same symbolization scheme such that when the maps are... GeoSciML-portrayal, OGC WMS
Latest profile document additions and changes
USGIN WMS - 0.7 | updated 9 years 30 weeks ago
Deployment of geologic map services using GeoSciML-Portrayal gin2012-013
Best Practices Document: Tutorial/cookbook document with guidance for deploying OGC Web Map and Web Feature services using GeoSciML-portrayal XML and CGI vocabulary URIs to...
USGIN ISO 19139, USGIN CSW - 1.0.3 | updated 10 years 10 weeks ago
Metadata content recommendations gin2010-011
Best Practices Document: Based on a collection of use cases meant to include the basic collection of reasons for collecting structured metadata, we have developed a content...
USGIN URI - 1.0.4 | updated 10 years 10 weeks ago
USGIN URI recommendations v1.0 gin2010-010
Implementation Specification: First public release of the USGIN URI Policies document.This document presents a proposal for minting of dereferenceable http URIs for use in...
USGIN ISO 19139 - 1.1.4 | updated 10 years 38 weeks ago
Use of ISO metadata specifications to describe geoscience information resources, v.1.1 gin2010-009
Implementation Specification: Public release of the USGIN ISO 19139 (ISO 19115 and ISO 19119) profile document for metadata describing geoscience resources. Supersedes older...
USGIN ISO 19139 - 1.1.3 | updated 10 years 51 weeks ago
Use of ISO metadata specifications to describe geoscience information resources v. 1.1 gin2010-009
Implementation Specification - Deprecated: Public release of the USGIN ISO 19139 (ISO 19115 and ISO 19119) profile document for spatial dataset, dataset series, and service metadata for...
USGIN ISO 19139 - 1.2.0 | updated 11 years 27 weeks ago
Use of controlled vocabularies in codelists and keywords gin2010-008
Discussion Paper: Discussion of use of terms from controlled concept vocabularies in xml documents. Applies to ISO19139 codelists, Keywords, and GeoSciML scopedName/...
USGIN ISO 19139 - 1.0.0 | updated 11 years 41 weeks ago
Use of ISO 19139 xml schema to describe geoscience information resources gin2010-006
Implementation Specification - Deprecated: Deprecated in preparation of USGIN ISO 19139 v.1.1 roll-out. Second public draft release of the USGIN ISO 19139 (ISO 19115 and ISO 19119) profile...
USGIN SKOS vocabulary service - 0.1.0 | updated 11 years 42 weeks ago
Use of SKOS for encoding vocabularies gin2010-007
Discussion Paper: Discussion and suggested guidelines for use of SKOS with science vocabulary, in the context of GeoSciML services. Draft for public comment.CGI URN:...
USGIN ISO 19139 - 0.9.1 | updated 11 years 43 weeks ago
Use of ISO 19139 xml schema to describe geoscience information dataset and dataset series resources gin2009-001
Implementation Specification - Deprecated: First public draft release of the USGIN ISO 19139 (only ISO 19115) profile document for spatial dataset and dataset series metadata.
USGIN ISO 19139 - 0.9.1 | updated 11 years 47 weeks ago
OGC Schema Issues in Relation to CSW gin2009-005
Discussion Paper: In order to create metadata for both static datasets and dynamic, online services and for use with CSW, the OGC created an xml schema that...