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The AZGS document repository's (http://repository.azgs.az.gov/) entries can be exported to ISO 19139 metadata xml files.  These exported files are stored in a web accessible folder that can be used by the USGIN Geoportal instance or any Geoportal instance to harvest metadata records.  I created three tools used to get the document records out of the Drupal based repository and into a web accessible folder.

The first tool I created was a Python script that automated exporting each document's attriubtes as ISO 19139 metadata.  The script runs a SQL query and iterating over each record produced by the query.  The script uses each record's node id and makes a url request to the document repository for the document's ISO 19139 xml view.  The resulting request produces xml that is stored to in a web accessible folder.


USGIN Document Repository released

The USGIN Document Repository is an effort to create a document archiving, management, and discovery system that fulfills minimum USGIN ISO 19139 metadata requirements. The Drupal CMS based site is under active development and has the following goals and requirements:

  • Upload files that have not been put on the web yet and generate metadata for them
  • Add links to resources that are already on the web and generate metadata for them
  • Automatically generate ISO 19139 dataset metadata XML records
  • Offer an as easy-as-possible way to enter minimum ISO 19139 metadata
  • Use Search Engine Optimization to expose content to the web
  • Offer some nice way to search the repository
  • Offer a minimal but intuitive workflow for repository management
  • Find an easy way of submitting spatial extent coordinates
  • Remain flexible to adapt to new and changing metadata input and presentation needs

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