The 3rd version of CSW Client application

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This version includes our new state geothermal data catalog in the search list.

Overall, the following four catalogs are available for search in this appication:

USGIN Catalog:

One Geology Portal:

Geo Data Government Catalog:

AASG Geothermal Data Catalog:



The USGIN services may be implemented using a variety of different software platforms. In fact, one of the objectives of the service oriented architecture is to provide independence between data access protocols and the software used to implement that protocol.

In order to keep the cost of entry low, much of the development work thus far has utilized free open source software. Various commercial software package also offer attractive envnironments for implementing services. This page includes a listing of potentially useful software applications that USGIN participants have tried or are aware of.

Inclusion on this page is not a product endorsment but is provided as guide to learning about avaialable options. If you are aware of software that should be included in this list, please Submit a Content Suggestion and let us know about it (you must be registered and logged in to submit suggestions).

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