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Hub Disaster Recovery

Discussions around how to harden a distributed federated system against disaster; setting up a system to mirror hub VMs at other hubs.

USGIN WMS profile for integrated geologic map Web Map Services

The key to interoperable map services is the ability to portray adjacent maps using the same symbolization scheme such that when the maps are displayed, the visual discontinuity at the boundary is minimized. Because of the discrepancies in mapping interpretation and intention, there are commonly discontinuities in the definition of map units between geologic maps produced by different authors or at different times. These discontinuities cannot be avoided, and resolving them is a compilation process that will often require additional field work; this is outside the scope of service deployment. What can be avoided is visual discontinuity related to portrayals based on different classification schemes on adjacent maps. Map unit classification schemes for regional geologic maps typically define units based on some combination of age, genesis, and lithology. The larger the area over which the scheme is meant to apply, the more generalized the definition of the units must be.

Content model discussion

Community site for comments on development of content models and encoding for information intechange

ArcGIS Server and OGC Services

Tips on using ArcGIS Server to provide OGC web services

Using Django for USGIN

Thought and ideas about using Django to accomplish USGIN-related... things.

Thought and ideas about using Django to accomplish USGIN-related... things.

USGIN URI Management

Implementation Type: 

This web-application intends to make it easy to create, update and manage an online registry of URIs that conform to the USGIN URI Scheme. The application provides resolution of the URIs to web-accessible URLs, and in the future, we intend to allow for full content-negotiation through HTTP headers (accept). The application is built using Django, and the code behind the application as well as simple instructions for installation into an existing Django project are available for free at GitHub:

While the application is still in development, a sample server is running at It will resolve some simple URIs listed below:



USGIN Related Applications

Geoportal on an Amazon Virtual Machine

Installation, configuration, etc.

ArcMap GeoSciML WFS Client

Implementation Type: 

I have recently developed a prototype ArcMap addin to load GeoSciML WFS into an NCGMP template geodatabase.  The application was developed using ESRI's ArcObjects 10 API, C# in Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010, and ArcMap/ArcCatalog 10.  The addin reads a WFS http response or WFS xml file.  It parses the WFS-xml data and creates spatial features in an NCBMP template database.  The current version only processes WFS response that describe polygons.  The tool or addin also populates attribute table data in the NCGMP database.  The source code for the application is hosted on Google Code and can be accessed at this url:

You will have to install the subversion application if you want to download the application's source code.


System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, 7, Server
GIS: ArcMap/ArcGIS 10

Development Tools:

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