Simple Knowledge Organization System, RDF application for representing basic thesaurus and vocabulary relationships



SKOS provides a standard way to represent knowledge organization systems using the Resource Description Framework (RDF). Encoding this information in RDF allows it to be passed between computer applications in an interoperable way.

Using RDF also allows knowledge organization systems to be used in distributed, decentralised metadata applications. Decentralised metadata is becoming a typical scenario, where service providers want to add value to metadata harvested from multiple sources.


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The primary operational functions of a vocabulary service are:

1) to assign meaning to a given term (i.e. a token that represents a concept)

2) to provide terms related to a queried term

To be useful in a computer information system, these functions must be accessible through machine readable interface.

In addition, a vocabulary service might provide a variety of maintenance or stewardship functions, but these might not operate through the same web interface as the definition and query functions because of access control issues.

Shared vocabularies require an authoritative registry for reference purposes.

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