Energy Industry Profile of ISO/DIS 19115-1 v1.0 Release Candidate is Available for Public Review

FYI-- this is a draft profile against the upcoming revision of ISO19115 for metadata, scoped to energy industry, but the scope overlaps requirements for USGIN (I've been very active in developing profile and looked after that).  Please have a look at the docs if you're interested in metadata. Given the standards process time lines, it probably won't directly impact us until next year.




The "Energy Industry Profile of ISO/DIS 19115-1 v1.0 Release Candidate" (EIP) is now available for community review and comment. The EIP is a metadata standard designed to enable the discovery, evaluation and retrieval of distributed information resources, including datasets and documents, as well as physical resources. A review packet available for download from Energistics' website includes the EIP specification document (125 pp.), a ReadMe presentation (37 slides), and a Comment Form.


Two webinars will be offered as orientation to the EIP and feedback process on September 13 (register at

and September 19 (register at

Registration via the Energistics website is required; webinar access details will be sent to registered participants in advance of the meetings.


All comments constituting feedback about the EIP must be submitted by October 12, 2011, as instructed on the website and in the EIP review packet.  Other comments, and questions, are welcome and may be sent to:


Energistics' Energy Industry Metadata Work Group expects to finalize and publish EIP v1.0 in December 2011.


For download, see: