CSW metadata editors we are exploring

Now that we know what kind of CSW services we can pull off, we need to pay more attention to creating and maintaining metadata. Right now, I just do a bunch of ETLs from our in-house data repositories (ArcSDE, Access, Excel, etc.) to CSW Insert Transaction XML files. That method is not user friendly and editing individual metadata records are a pain.

So, here are some CSW metadata editors I am looking at:

  • tibesti - Java app, deegree contribution
    tibesti is a Java web app contribution to deegree that looks quite promising (the docs are still in German). I have yet to compile it from deegree's SVN and test drive it. I'll post a how-to once I figure it out.
  • INSPIRE Metadata Editor - website, http://www.inspire-geoportal.eu/InspireEditor/
    This is an on-line editor for ISNSPIRE Profile version of ISO 19139 metadata. You can create a new XML metadata document or edit and validate an uploaded one. There are still some bugs but it is quite nice. The INSPIRE Geoportal team can't share the current source code because of proprietary code but mentioned that they are working on an new code base that may be shared.
  • GeoNetwork - Java app, http://geonetwork-opensource.org/
    Off course, GeoNetwork also offers a metadata editor in its client/server all in one solution. I have not spent much time with it but expect to once GeoNetwork, deegree, and the Geospatial One-Stop play nice with each other. 

FGDC offers a large review of ISO Metadata Editors that I is quite interesting.