JSON template for a 'complete' metadata record

Incorporates concepts from ISO 19115, 19115-1, 19119, FGDC, 19110, and FRBR along with some additional stuff like recording the lineage of the metadata record, which is useful in a metadata harvesting federated system. Builds on the conceputal model presented in a previous discussion here.

This is an experiment to see what it would look like, trying to bring in just about any metadata property from those various specs... Lot's of comments in line.

The JSON is not perfect -- I'm a newbie.

Scenario for a community metadata editor


This is a scenario for a generic metadata edit tool, intended for brainstorming development of a community component that is transportable and reusable. Use of a standardized tool for editing metadata will reduce the cost of entry into the metadata game by reducing training and increasing productivity, and should help improve the quality and consistency of metadata.  The attached word document has the same text. Please add any other features or requirements that would be useful.

Here is a run down of some functionality.

The Scenario

Start: User opens the editor application.

Energy Industry Profile of ISO/DIS 19115-1 v1.0 Release Candidate is Available for Public Review

FYI-- this is a draft profile against the upcoming revision of ISO19115 for metadata, scoped to energy industry, but the scope overlaps requirements for USGIN (I've been very active in developing profile and looked after that).  Please have a look at the docs if you're interested in metadata. Given the standards process time lines, it probably won't directly impact us until next year.




USGIN/NGDS Presentations at ESRI User Conference

I gave two presentations at the ESRI User conference this year. One was geared mostly towards what we do with metadata in our systems, while the other was more of a broad overview of USGIN and a little bit of NGDS progress report.

Usgin Draft Specifications For Geoscience Resource Metadata And Identifiers

Poster presented at Geological Society of America Meeting, Monday, Nov. 1, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. Overview of metadata recommendations, catalog system architecture, and proposed URI scheme.

Conceptual model for general purpose resource metadata

I have built a UML model (using Enterprise Architect 7.5 tool) of metadata content that is based on ISO19115/19119, but attempts to clean up some of the logical incoherence and inscrutable element labeling in those specifications, as well as adding hooks for more detailed information on specific resource types and resource lineage.

The attached files include a zip archive of the Enterprise Architect-generated html report on the UML model; unzip to a directory and start on the index.htm page.

The EA document (zipped into is the actual UML model. You'll need EA 7.5 or later to open it. The project contains a Metadata package, within which the 'GenericMetadataModel' package contains the actual model. The other packages include UML models for related ISO specifications, elements of which have been incorporated (copied, renamed, modified -- not imported) into the generic model. They are included for reference.

The html documentation generated by Enterprise Architect can also be viewed at

Creating a Format Agnostic Metadata Wizard

The USGIN Metadata Wizard is a metadata format agnostic web tool for creating, managing, and exporting new metadata records. This Drupal based service was conceived as a means to lowering the brier to metadata creation for those who are not able or willing to become proficient with metadata standards and informatics. The tool is based on a format agnostic metadata model which then can be exported into multiple metadata standards.

Recommendations for metadata content to describe geoscience resources

Now that we have a better grasp of the IT and informatics challenges of a distributed and interoperable information network, we can think more again about its adoption - how to make it work and useful on the ground. Following was our rough chain of thought on metadata:

Presentation, USGS Menlo Park, 04/15/2010

Powerpoint stack for presentation at USGS, Menlo Park, CA, 04/16/2010, by Steve Richard

Creating ISO 19139 metadata through Drupal Views and Views Bonus Pack

Following is how we modified the Views Bonus Pack module for Drupal 6 to generate ISO 19139 XML metadata files for the USGIN Document Repository. This hack can be be used to relatively easily generate other XML metadata (FGDC, CSW records) or most complex XML. Ideally, this hack will evolve into a separate module. If you are interested or have questions, please participate in the Generate ISO 19139 metadata record XML files Views Bonus Pack issue thread.


The goal is to generate minimum ISO 19139 dataset metadata XML files (that conform to the USGIN profile) from the core and CCK fields used in the repository's Collection (ct_collection) and Document-like Information Object (DLIO, ct_dlio) content types.

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