National Geothermal Data System


The National Geothermal Data System project is tasked with the development of an accessible and comprehensive web-based data system to support the discovery, development and sustainability of geothermal resources in the United States.

Developement NGDS is an important step towards allowing geothermal to become a more significant component of our nation's energy portfolio. The data system is being developed by a consortium. Major participants are:

  • GeoStrat data system (Boise State University);
  • Energy & Geosciences Institute (University of Utah);
  • Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy (University of Nevada, Reno);
  • Geo-Heat Center (Oregon Institute of Technology);
  • Stanford Geothermal Program, (Stanford University);
  • Geoscience Information Network, (Association of American State Geologists and US Geological Survey data system, Arizona Geological Survey)

  The diversity of the GDC provides the breadth of expertise, reduces social-cultural barriers, and provides access to critical data and data products; all critical factors for developing the NGDB.

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