National Geologic Map Database Project


The National Geologic Map Database project (NGMDB) is intented to build a comprehensive reference tool and data management system for spatial geoscience information in paper and digital form. It consists of the following: 1) a Map Catalog containing limited metadata for all paper and digital geoscience maps and book publications that contain maps (including maps of any part of the Nation, published by any agency), online viewable images of paper and digital maps, and links to online data; 2) the U.S. Geologic Names Lexicon; 3) the Mapping in Progress Database; 4) nationwide geologic map coverage at intermediate and small scales; 5) an online database of geologic maps (predominantly in vector format; planned as a distributed system); 6) a set of Web interfaces to permit access to these products; and 7) a set of standards and guidelines to promote more efficient use and management of spatial geoscience information.

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