Mercury is a Web-based system to search for metadata and retrieve associated data. Mercury incorporates a number of important features. Mercuury:

  • Invokes a new paradigm for managing dynamic distributed scientific data and metadata
  • Provide a single portal to information contained in disparate data management systems
  • Provide free text, fielded, spatial, and temporal search capabilities
  • Puts control in the hands of investigators or other data providers
  • Has a very light touch (i.e., is inexpensive to implement)
  • Is implemented using Internet standards, including XML
  • Supports international metadata standards, including FGDC, Dublin-Core, EML, ISO-19115
  • Is compatible with Internet search engines
  • Is based on a combination of open source tools and ORNL-developed software

The new Mercury system is based on open source and Service Oriented Architecture and provides multiple search services including: RSS, Geo-RSS, OpenSearch, Web Services and JSR-168 Portlets.

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