CatalogConnector CSW Client

USGIN CatalogConnector test client (version 0.5)

This promising, stand-alone, Java-based, CSW web client is currently being developed by SDI Catalonia (IDEC) and USGIN at


CatalogConnector 1.0.1 supports OpenSearch

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In addition to other new features and stability fixes, the latest release of the CatalogConnctor can now be accessed through OpenSearch.

Catalog Connector development

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Dominic Owen has been working with the Catalog Connector project to add some new capabilties and features to the CatalogConnector CSW client. The objective is to produce a light-weight client that can be used to search a wide variety of CSW services. Dominic has implemented functionality to allow the client to get capabilities from the catalogs it has been configured to search. This operation serves first to determine which services are currently 'live', and to obtain a list of the the available outputSchemas offered by the service. Currently, we have xslt transforamtions to produce html browse pages for results from the CSW default 'csw:record' schema , and from ISO19139 MD_Metadata schema. Other xslt's may be added to format xml results in other output formats. The User interface allows selection from the available output formats for each catalog, or viewing of the raw xml search result.

Catalog connector uses a Java Servlet as a middleware component to do most of the processing required. This keeps the html client on the users browser very light weight. Communication between the actual desktop web client and the CSW servlet actually uses JSON. The CSW servlet communicates with other CSW servers using the CSW protocols.

Stay tuned for ongoing development.