Geoserver App-Schema Set-Up: In Progress

One hurdle to using Geoserver to deploy AASG Geothermal Data services is the resolution of schemas. Creating additonal configuration files for Geoserver allows the use of "app-schemas" which will automatically download the indicated web-accessible schema (.xsd) and be referenced in the GetFeature request. This would solve a problem with service deployment using ArcGIS, where custom schema locations is necessary.

This blog will document the problems and break-throughs I've had so far in implementing Geoserver app-schemas. I have not yet been able to get schema resolution, but would like to make a post so that others can take into account my work thus far and chime in about other ideas or advances. This work is based on Tomcat running Geoserver, set up on an Oracle VM VirtualBox. The data for the services are pulled from a PostGIS database.


A few housekeeping tips I learned the hard way, for starters:

Windows 7 64-bit guide for GeoNetwork development within Eclipse

This setup guide for downloading GeoNetwork using Subversion, building using Maven 2, developing, deploying and debugging on Tomcat and Eclipse on Windows 7 64-bit still uses the MckoiDB and should be updated to use MySQL.


This document was developed for GeoNetwork’s new Maven 2 based setup. See for more information.

Note that several installation and configuration options may not be necessary for GeoNetwork development but can be necessary for other software development projects.

This document was compiled from experiments, notes, and web sites by the following contributors and sources (in alphabetical order):

Tomcat configuration in Eclipse

Tomcat kept running out of memory when running it as a service from within Eclipse. Following is a solution:

Double-click on your Tomcat service under the Servers tab, and click on the "Open launch configuration" to open the Tomcat launch configuration window. On the Arguments tab, append the two following lines in the "VM arguments" form window:


How-to on running Tomcat within Eclipse:

Common Procedures on the EC2 Instance


"Restarting" the Virtual Machine

You can't actually restart it, instead you essentially delete it and roll-back to a prior machine image.

GeoNetwork 4.2.1 exploration notes v3

BUG: what I consider a bug
FEATURE: what I consider a missing feature
TODO: possibilities that need to be explored or decide on

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