Easy setup of a Python 2.6 development environment on Windows

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Easy steps for setting up a Python 2.6 development environment on Windows:

Install Python

  • Download the ActivePython 2.6 installer which includes everything to run most Python scripts and more. ActivePython is also available for other OS and Python versions. They also have a community site.
  • For Windows users:
    • Append the Python installation directory to the PYTHONPATH environmental variable. For example: D:\Python26;D:\Python26\Lib
    • Check if your Python installation is included in the PATH environmental variable. For example: D:\Python26\Scripts;D:\Python26\

Optional external Python libraries

Install a Python integrated development environment (IDE)

  • You could write Python with a text editor (Notepad, NotePad++, TextPad, etc.) but a beefier  IDE can make your life easier.
  • Komodo Edit offers a medium weight IDE for Python and other programing languages and has a relative low learning curve.
  • The heavy weight Eclipse IDE also offers Python modules such as PyDev. Configuring Eclipse can become a challenge. 

Optional Python and Komodo Edit configutration

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