GeoSciML-portrayal is a simplified view of GeoSciML (Geoscience Markup Language, see Richard and CGI Interoperability Working Group, 2007[1]), which is a specialized XML markup language designed for sharing geoscience data between different computer systems. GeoSciML is based on a complex information model developed to support interchange of a wide variety of detailed geologic information. GeoSciML-portrayal is an XML markup language that implements a small subset of the GeoSciML information model specifically for interoperable map services delivering geologic map unit, contact, and shear displacement structure (fault and ductile shear zone) features. The use of standard vocabularies with this schema enables map portrayal using shared legends to achieve basic visual harmonization of maps, even when these maps are provided by different services.


XML schema is at


[1] Richard, S. M., and CGI Interoperability Working Group, 2007, GeoSciML – A GML Application for Geoscience Information Interchange, in Soller, D.R., ed., Digital   Mapping Techniques ‘07—Workshop Proceedings: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2007–1285, p. 47-59. Available at (accessed 4/10/2012).