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ArcMap GeoSciML WFS Client

Client I have recently developed a prototype ArcMap addin to load GeoSciML WFS into an NCGMP template geodatabase.  The application was developed using... GeoSciML Geologic Units

ESRI ArcGIS Server Map Service

Server An ESRI Map Service is the standard web service provided by ArcGIS Server. While relatively easy to create, there are a number of important options...

GeoServer GeoSciML WFS

Server By default, Geoserver's WFS server is capable of conveying only simple features. Basically, a simple feature has some number of attributes, and each... GeoSciML WFS Architecture

USGIN URI Management

Server This web-application intends to make it easy to create, update and manage an online registry of URIs that conform to the USGIN URI Scheme. The... USGIN URI