GeoServer DataStore Configuration for Complex Features

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This XML file configures a directory as a DataStore in GeoServer. Instead of containing explicitly the information GeoServer needs to make a connection to actual data, it invokes the app-schema extension and forwards us on to a "mapping file", described elsewhere.

The id element contains GeoServer's internal identifier for this datastore

The name element contains the human-readable name of the datastore

The workspace element contains a reference to the id of the workspace to which this datastore belongs

the connectionParameters element contains three important entries:


entry key="namespace": The URI of the namespace appropriate for this datastore

entry key="url": File path to the mapping file for this datastore. Path is relative to the geoserver\data directory

entry key="dbtype": Must read "app-schema" in order to initialize the app-schema extension











            <entry key="namespace">urn:cgi:xmlns:CGI:GeoSciML:2.0</entry>

            <entry key="url">file:workspaces/gsml/gsml_GeologicUnit/gsml_GeologicUnit.xml</entry>

            <entry key="dbtype">app-schema</entry>



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