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About USGIN Lab

A partnership of the Association of American State Geologists (AASG - state geological surveys) and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) formally agreed in 2007 to develop a national geoscience information framework that is distributed, interoperable, uses open source standards and common protocols, respects and acknowledges data ownership, fosters communities of practice to grow, and develops new web services and clients. The AASG and USGS have formed an interagency Steering Committee to pursue design and implementation of the U.S. Geoscience Information Network (USGIN).

Organizations & Projects - USGIN parent organizations, funders, partners, projects, and giants we are building on

Standards - International technical standards on geospatial data, metadata, protocols, and web services

Exactly what?
Profiles - Specifications for USGIN specific profile implementations of above standards
Applications - Software applications that may support above standards and profiles

Making it real!
Implementations - Implement profiles and software applications together to create data, metadata, and web services
Community - Discussions and work groups on USGIN profile and implementation development

USGIN System Overview

USGIn system overview diagram

Latest additions and changes
Presentation, USGS Menlo Park, 04/15/2010 | 9 years 5 days ago
» Powerpoint stack for presentation at USGS, Menlo Park, CA, 04/16/2010, by Steve Richard
Drupal Content Types used in the USGIN Document Repository | 9 years 5 days ago
» Following are the two Drupal 6 content types that define the USGIN Document Repository (you may want to familiarize yourself with general Drupal concepts): Collection (...
Creating a Document Repository in Drupal | 9 years 6 days ago
» We just finished putting together a Drupal based Document Repository site ( as a testbed and as an alternative for other Repository systems such as DSpace. The goal was to...
Creating ISO 19139 metadata through Drupal Views and Views Bonus Pack | 9 years 1 week ago
» Following is how we modified the Views Bonus Pack module for Drupal 6 to generate ISO 19139 XML metadata files for the USGIN Document Repository. This hack can be be used to relatively easily...
Drupal Modules used in the USGIN Document Repository | 9 years 1 week ago
» Following is a break-down of the Drupal 6 modules used in the USGIN Document Repository site (you may want to familiarize yourself with general Drupal concepts):
USGIN Catalog and Data Services website released | 9 years 1 week ago
» The USGIN Catalog and Data Services website ( hosts several geospatial metadata catalog (CSW) and geospatial data services (WMS, WFS, WCS) implementations and...
USGIN Document Repository released | 9 years 1 week ago
» The USGIN Document Repository is an effort to create a document archiving, management, and discovery system that fulfills minimum USGIN ISO 19139 metadata requirements. The Drupal...
Make Tomcat 6.x work in IIS7 | 9 years 1 week ago
» This is a walkthrough to help you use ISAPI Filters to run Tomcat on a Windows Server Machine that uses IIS7. If you're interested in setting up Tomcat under Apache, see this other
Drupal Development | 9 years 1 week ago
» Discuss ways to bend the Drupal content management system to your needs.
Drupal | 9 years 1 week ago
» Drupal is a free software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Tens of thousands of people and...
Helpful Commands! | 9 years 6 weeks ago
» User Administration
ArcMap Extension to Adjust for Invalid WMS 1.3.0 Requests | 9 years 6 weeks ago
» PurposeThis extension was built to deal with a bug in ArcMap 9.3.1 which issues invalid WMS 1.3.0 GetMap requests. Specifically, ArcMap sends requests which specify the format in which exception...
Install and Configure CSW Client for USGIN services | 9 years 7 weeks ago
ISO 19139 | 9 years 7 weeks ago
» ISO 19139 implementation standard for geospatial dataset (ISO 19115) and service (ISO 19119) metadata.
ISO 19119 | 9 years 7 weeks ago
» ISO 19119 standard for geospatial services
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