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About USGIN Lab

A partnership of the Association of American State Geologists (AASG - state geological surveys) and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) formally agreed in 2007 to develop a national geoscience information framework that is distributed, interoperable, uses open source standards and common protocols, respects and acknowledges data ownership, fosters communities of practice to grow, and develops new web services and clients. The AASG and USGS have formed an interagency Steering Committee to pursue design and implementation of the U.S. Geoscience Information Network (USGIN).

Organizations & Projects - USGIN parent organizations, funders, partners, projects, and giants we are building on

Standards - International technical standards on geospatial data, metadata, protocols, and web services

Exactly what?
Profiles - Specifications for USGIN specific profile implementations of above standards
Applications - Software applications that may support above standards and profiles

Making it real!
Implementations - Implement profiles and software applications together to create data, metadata, and web services
Community - Discussions and work groups on USGIN profile and implementation development

USGIN System Overview

USGIn system overview diagram

Latest additions and changes
ESRI ArcExplorer | 11 years 49 weeks ago
» ESRI's ArcExplorer is a lightweight, no-cost GIS data viewer. Note that the .NET version of ArcExplorer is significantly different from the Java edition.
ESRI ArcGIS Server | 11 years 49 weeks ago
» ArcGIS Server is ESRI's network- and webservice-centric GIS application suite. Among other, ArcGIS Server offers WMS, WFS, WFS-T, WCS, and KML service capability as well as web application SDKs for...
Configuring degree CSW 2.x | 11 years 49 weeks ago
» This is a list of our configuration changes too deegree-csw - specifically version 2.3-pre (Compile deegree from SVN) with an PostgreSQL backend. Follow instructions in deegree's documentation See...
Installation and use of Yourkit Java Profiler | 11 years 49 weeks ago
» On the virtual machine, create a folder for, and download the Java Profiler, unzip it:mkdir yourkit (this makes the folder in the root user's home directory) cd yourkit wget
USGIN metadata search on ESRI GEO Viewer and GEOSS GEO Portal | 11 years 50 weeks ago
» USGIN metadata can now be searched through ESRI's GEO Portal ( and GEOSS GEO Viewer ( portals. On the search tab or window select "US GIN" under...
Distributed Energy posts about NGDS | 11 years 51 weeks ago
» The Distributed Energy journal has posted an news entry on the National Geothermal Data System project: "State Geological Surveys to Play Key Role in Geothermal Energy Search"
GeoNetwork authentication and CSW transactions through Python | 12 years 14 hours ago
»  This is an example Python script that showcases GeoNetwork authentication, session handling, and CSW transactions. 
Connecting to GeoNetwork's MckoiDB through the Druid Database Manager | 12 years 19 hours ago
» Here is a tutorial on how to connect to GeoNetwork's MckoiDB through the Druid Database Manager: that the GeoNetwork 2.4.2...
Helpful Linux Commands | 12 years 1 day ago
» User Administration
DOE selects AZGS to lead deployment of National Geothermal Data System | 12 years 3 days ago
» We are excited to report that on Oct. 30, 2009 Energy Secretary Stephen Chu  announced that a coalition of 40 state geological surveys headed up by the Arizona Geological Survey has been...
GeoNetwork 2.4.2 | 12 years 4 days ago
» Setup the MySQL Database for Geonetwork to Use
Logging In and Adding New Users | 12 years 4 days ago
» By default, the image that we're using in our instance (ami-ccf615a5 ) only allows SSH logins with valid certificates. This means that users defined on the instance cannot SSH log in using...
Appendices | 12 years 4 days ago
» This section contains tips and helpful hints for using the USGIN EC2 Instance.
GeoServer (for Simple Services) | 12 years 4 days ago
» First, I needed a clean version of GeoServer 2.0 (without sample data). Here is how I created it:I downloaded the .war file for GeoServer from get a...
Create a Connector from Apache to Tomcat | 12 years 4 days ago
» I did this on a windows machine following the instructions I laid out in this post. However, when installing Apache on Ubuntu using the apt system, you end up with a pretty strikingly...
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