Updated URI Redirection Engine

I've made a new version of the URI redirection engine that runs in Django (see the original post here). The tool allows you to provide a list of URI patterns that identify specific resources, and redirect traffic that matches that pattern to a URL where a representation of the resource exists. It allows for content-negotiation, and the new version also begins to build infrastructure by which various instances of the application can communicate with each other.

Each instance of the application is informed about the existence of various registers, which are essentially sets of URIs. The application may or may not know how to resolve URIs that are a part of any given register, but can send incoming requests to others servers capable of resolving that register's URIs.

This functionality hinges on instances of the application being aware of each other, and the next step in the process may be to build a master "registry of registers". This would give each instance of the application a place to look for information about a particular register, and also to post information about the registers that the particular instance serves.

For more information, read the readme doc, or take a look at the code on Github