Ruminations on XML and large datasets

While working on thoroughly understanding CSW & metadata related OGC and ISO standards, I can not but start questioning XML and its use to carry and format data. After all, USGIN's goal is not just to implement interoperable USGIN metadata and data profiles but also to encourage their widespread adoption. The following blog entry "How XML Threatens Big Data" by Michael Driscoll discusses some of the limitations XML poses to dealing with large datasets and ease of use. Check out the blog entry's comments which bring interesting counter arguments.


Standards or Applications?

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 Linked from that blog post is an interesting paper:

I haven't read it all yet, but at first glance it sounds to me like the "smart clients" approach to data interoperability. Instead of focusing work on generating data in standard formats, clearly identify the interoperable functionality that you want, and build clients capable of performing those functions on data thrown at it in any way, shape, or form.