ISO 19139 service metadata record srv:DCPList codelist confusion

It appears that the GeoNetwork WMS harvest selects an incorrect codeListValue for a service metadata record's srv:DCPList (Distributed Computing Platform). Currently, it enters HTTP-GET and HTTP-POST. However, there is a bit of confusion within GeoNetwork and among standards and profiles. Specifically, one could interpret a conflict between DCP in a service's GetCapabilities (OGC) and a service's metadata record (ISO):

  • According to GeoNetwork's WiKi (
    • DCP is set to according the following rules:
      if (name(.)='Get' or name(.)='wfs:Get' or name(.)='wcs:Get' or name(.)='ows:Get') "HTTP-GET"
      else if (name(.)='Post' or name(.)='wfs:Post' or name(.)='wcs:Post' or name(.)='ows:Post') "HTTP-POST" 
  • According to GeoNetwork 2.4.2's metadata editor's default profile:
    • HTTP-GET and HTTP-POST are invalid values. It uses the a similar codelist as the North American Profile.
  • According to ISO 19119:2005(E), Annex D (Mapping to distributed computing platforms), page 54:
    • "The following environments and DCPs are considered as potential targets for platform-specific profiles of platform-neutral specifications:
      SQL-92 and SQL-99; CORBA using ISO IDL; Java 2 Enterprise Edition with EJB (J2EE); COM+; EXPRESS/SDAI; ODMG; C++ and other more traditional commercial OO programming languages; internet/http/Web Services"
  • I could not find any information on DCP in ISO 19115
  • I have yet to read through ISO 19139
  • According to the OGC's service metadata record example in OGC 07-045 (OpenGIS Catalogue Services Specification 2.0.2 - ISO Metadata Application Profile), section D.1.6, page 110:
  • According to the INSPIRE Profile ("INSPIRE Metadata Implementing Rules: Technical Guidelines based on EN ISO 19115 and EN ISO 19119" 2009/02/18):
    • The default value for DCPList is "WebServices"
  • According to North American Profile (NAP):
  • I could not find anything in my ANZLIC Profile documents on DCP.

My bias is towards the North American Profile but I am not even sure what "Distributed Computing Platform" exactly represents and how it can be made useful.


What is DCP

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Until some use case(s) for the DCP property can be identified, and a logically coherent codelist that applies to the use cases, it is probably not worth worring about this!