GeoNetwork 4.2.1 exploration notes v1

BUG: what I consider a bug
FEATURE: what I consider a missing feature
TODO: possibilities that need to be explored or decide on

  • OGC Services Harvesting
    • General
      • generates ISO 19139 metadata for service from getCapabilities and metadat for layers from getCapabilities and/or "MetadataURL attributes"
      • TODO: the metadata is likely in all cases not complete enough to be ISO 19139 schema valid
      • The metadata edit page highlights some or all missing but required entries
      • harvester generates layer metadata with missing or very poor abstracts
      • BUG: metadata icons work with layers but  are broken with service records
        • TODO: the working icons link to the main page but we probably can change the URL
        • TODO: we are going to have to add more icons: AZGS, GeoServer, WMS, WFS, WCS, CSW, GeoSciML, etc.
    • GeoServer WMS 1.1.1 harvest
    • GeoServer WFS 1.1.0 harvest
      • no obvious service harvest error
      • will harvest layers (optional)
        • creates metadata for layers
    • GeoServer WFS 1.1.0 GeoSciML harvest
      • BUG: either the service or the layer metadata record harvest creates phantom metadata records that can't be deleted in GeoNetwork. The DB has to be rebuild.
    • GeoServer WCS 1.0.0 harvest
      • BUG: returns GeoNetwork harvest error
      • however, it does generate a metadata record
      • TODO: I have not tried out generating metadata records for the layers
    • ArcGIS WMS 1.1.1 harvest
      • no obvious service harvest error
      • will harvest layers (optional)
        • creates metadata for layers
        • BUG: does not render WMS preview maps (optional)
        • BUG: KML link zooms to pacific ocean and shows nothing in Google Earth 5
        • BUG: interactive map previews do not work
    • ArcGIS WFS 1.1.0 harvest
      • no obvious service harvest error
      • will harvest layers (optional)
        • creates metadata for layers
  • GeoNetwork User Interface
    • General
      • TODO: How easy can the following be changee/edited? page header, page content, color scheme (CSS), language links, etc.
    • Maps
      • TODO: let's see if we can use a different background image besides the supplied NASA Blue Marble image. I would prefer Google's shaded relief map service.
      • TODO: let's see if we can configure it to use an Arizona default map extent instead of the world
      • Small map viewer
        • BUG: it shouldn't overlay preview maps - who wants to see an AZGS logo the size of almost both Americas?
        • FEATURE: for me, the the map is too small to be useful
      • Larger "Map Viewer"
        • More useful to me but perhaps not too user friendly.
    • Search
      • TODO: Filtering by GeoNetwork's "Categories" might come very handy - we better develop our own categories though
    • Search results
      • PDF export works and links to full metadata record too
        • TODO - how to change PDF header?
      • FEATURE: don't show a record's keywords
      • FEATURE: don't show if record is a  service, dataset, series, etc.
      • TODO: The record icons are useful and nice but we will have to add more meaningful icons with more useful links.
      • FEATURE/TODO: the garish "No preview available" placeholder image for preview maps must be replaced with something subdued.
  • CSW service
    • General
      • TODO: I only tested via the build-in CSW test client http://localhost:8080/geonetwork/srv/en/test.csw. I' have to install Geonetwork on Tomcat to use external CSW clients.
      • TODO: I have not yet validated all responses. I expect to run into schema problems again.
    • GetRecordById
      • BUG: with <csw:ElementSetName>full</csw:ElementSetName> and outputSchema="" returns DC metadata formated record. Shouldn't it be ISO formatted?
        Steve's comment: " full respons should be csw:record, which is a collection of dc:xxxxxx elements. Looks likt this is not a bug to me."
      • BUG?: with outputSchema="csw:IsoRecord" returns ISO formated metadata. Is that a schema valid schema name?
        Steve's comment: "hmmm, this looks like a profile defined usage to me"
    • GetRecords
      • BUG? I really don't know what is proper or not. GeoNetwork and deegre don't agree withe each other's GetRecords requests.
        • TODO: I need to start from schema valid requests instead of testing deegree and GeoNetwork against each other.