Creating WFS / WMS capabilites using ArcGIS service publishing wizard

When deploying a web service using ArcGIS publishing service, there are a few specifics that need to be considered when constructing the WFS and WMS Capabilites in the ArcGIS deployment wizard. This post is geared toward publishing a service for the AASG Geothermal Data Project, but the following practices are similar when deploying any USGIN-specification services using ArcGIS publishing products.

In the ArcGIS service publishing wizard or "Add New Service" wizard, you will be promted to choose Capabilities. Capabilites for both WMS and WFS are provided in AASG Geothermal Data Project services.


In the Capabilities tab, check the WMS box. It is imporatant to fill in the data requested in the WMS Capabilities Properties as completely as possible, as this will become the metadata for the service. For more information on metadata, see the tutorial here and browse Appendix C; this will guide you through which fields are necessary to enter when manually creating WFS/WMS capabilities when setting up a service.

The OnlineResource field is important for both WMS and WFS Capabilities to link to your data. The following is an example of Oklahoma Borehole Temperatures service WMS OnlineResource URL (hosted by AZGS):

Notice that the service host URL is given, and is the same URL as the service rest page without the "rest" reference. This is followed by the extact name of the service then "/MapServer/WMSServer".

An SLD can be inputted in this tab as well. Since your new AASG service points to an .mxd file with the symbology, it is not necessary to specify “SLD Path or URL”.

It is very important that the box is enabled at the bottom of the WMS Capabilities Properties, entitled “Use layer names from the map document”.


In the Capabilities tab, check the WFS box. Again, fill out the rows for metadata as completely as possible.

The following is an example of Oklahoma Borehole Temperatures service WFS OnlineResource URL (hosted by AZGS):

At the bottom of the WFS Capabilities Properties you will find “Namespace” and “Prefix” boxes. The namespace points to the XML schema and version used by the service. This is found in the first line of the XML schema. The following is the namespace for Well Logs services, with 0.8 being the current version in use:

A list of past and currently used schema for the AASG Geothermal Project can be found at Please contact the AZGS Technical Team or consult for versions of schemas currently in use. The “Prefix” for AASG Geothermal Project services is always “aasg”.

After finishing the wizard and creating your service, check the service rest page for proper display of Service Description (entered at the start of the wizard), Description (taken from the .mxd Map Properties), and other details. Check that the WMS and WFS links (at the bottom of the rest page) take you to the XML representation of the metadata you entered for that service. You will also want to validate both services; see the blog post for Validating Web Services. These WFS and WMS URLs point to the same server as does the rest page (so that external interfaces see the page, as well as your internal system). See for more information on server configuration.