Initial Creation of the Instance

  1. Log in to the web console located at
  2. Go to the Instances page by clicking the link on the left, and then click the "Launch Instance" button at the top of the window.
  3. Click the "Community AMIs" tab. In the search box, search for ami-ccf615a5.
    1. This is an image created as part of the series.
    2. This runs Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Server
    3. More information about the image
  4. Create one small instance
  5. Create a new key-pair for root authentication, save the .pem file someplace safe.
    1. I created a key-pair called "BaseAdmin"
    2. BaseAdmin.pem located at \\malachite\workspace\EC2\newinstance\Keys at present
  6. Set up the Security Group, which are essentially a set of firewall rules
    1. Used "StandardFirewallRules" group. This allows traffic on:
      1. Port 22 (SSH) from anywhere (
      2. Port 80 (HTTP) from anywhere (
      3. Port 3306 (MySQL) from the Tucson AZGS Office (
      4. Port 8080 (Tomcat) from the Tucson AZGS Office
  7. Start up the Instance, returns an instance ID, Public and Private DNS
    1. Instance ID: i-5e42c436
    2. Public DNS:
    3. Private DNS: domU-12-31-38-00-3D-B3.compute1.internal
  8. Generate a new Elastic IP address by going to the Elastic IPs window and clicking "Allocate New Address".
  9. Link the IP to the new instance by clicking the new Elastic IP and then the "Associate" button.
    1. Elastic IP for this instance:

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