ISO 19119

USGIN ISO Metadata Profile


USGIN profile for using ISO19139 xml schema for ISO 19115 and ISO 19119 spatial metadata to describe geoscientific resources. ISO 19115 is a metadata content standard for describing spatial dataset and spatial dataset series. ISO 19119 is a metadata standard for describing spatial services. The USGIN profile for ISO 19139 follows the North American Profile (NAP) in most respects, except allowing multiple distributions and using the standard ISO codelists.The focus of the recommendations in the profile is to make metadata from catalog services (OGC CSW 2.0.2) interoperable.

ESRI ArcGIS Server

ArcGIS Server is ESRI's network- and webservice-centric GIS application suite. Among other, ArcGIS Server offers WMS, WFS, WFS-T, WCS, and KML service capability as well as web application SDKs for JavaScript, Flex, Silverlight, .Net, and Java.

Metadata interest group

group for general posting on metadata content, standards, tools

general forum for questions, comments, discussion about metadata

Another online ISO metadata editor

EPA Ireland started testing online metadata editor related to INSPIRE
compliancy. You can find it link below

If you have any comment, let them know for the finalization of the

Ozan EMEM, PhD
Office of Environmental Assessment
Environmental Protection Agency
PO Box 3000
Johnstown Castle Estate
Phone: 053 9160669
Fax: 053 9124969


deegree is a Java Framework offering the main building blocks for Spatial Data Infrastructures. Its entire architecture is developed using standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and ISO/TC 211 (ISO Technical Committee 211 -- Geographic Information/Geomatics).

ISO 19119


ISO 19119 standard for geospatial services


CSW Debug Blog

A group blog to discuss metadata Catalog Service for the Web (CSW) implementation experiences

Post to this group blog about your metadata Catalog Service for the Web (CSW) client and server implementation efforts and debugging sagas. I encourage occasional rants of the cathartic nature.

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