Web Service and Layer Naming Conventions

The AASG State Geothermal Data project provides OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium, compliant WMS and WFS services per the specifications outlined by the USGIN (see the USGIN site for more detials). AASG adopted the requirements and recommendations of USGIN for networking, data sharing, and enhanced interoperability. Such recommondations include naming conventions; the following outlines AASG-adopted naming conventions which require a specific format for naming Web Services and the Layers that contain the data within that service.

USGIN/NGDS Presentations at ESRI User Conference

I gave two presentations at the ESRI User conference this year. One was geared mostly towards what we do with metadata in our systems, while the other was more of a broad overview of USGIN and a little bit of NGDS progress report.

USGIN posters at 2009 Geological Society of America (GSA) annual meeting

We presented the following posters at the 2009 GSA Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. Note, the PDF files are large.

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