Conceptual model for general purpose resource metadata

I have built a UML model (using Enterprise Architect 7.5 tool) of metadata content that is based on ISO19115/19119, but attempts to clean up some of the logical incoherence and inscrutable element labeling in those specifications, as well as adding hooks for more detailed information on specific resource types and resource lineage.

The attached files include a zip archive of the Enterprise Architect-generated html report on the UML model; unzip to a directory and start on the index.htm page.

The EA document (zipped into is the actual UML model. You'll need EA 7.5 or later to open it. The project contains a Metadata package, within which the 'GenericMetadataModel' package contains the actual model. The other packages include UML models for related ISO specifications, elements of which have been incorporated (copied, renamed, modified -- not imported) into the generic model. They are included for reference.

The html documentation generated by Enterprise Architect can also be viewed at

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