JSON template for a 'complete' metadata record

Incorporates concepts from ISO 19115, 19115-1, 19119, FGDC, 19110, and FRBR along with some additional stuff like recording the lineage of the metadata record, which is useful in a metadata harvesting federated system. Builds on the conceputal model presented in a previous discussion here.

This is an experiment to see what it would look like, trying to bring in just about any metadata property from those various specs... Lot's of comments in line.

The JSON is not perfect -- I'm a newbie.

Googley Metadata

We can all agree that search engines like Google have really defined the way that we search for information on the internet. So the question is, why aren't we using Google to search for our geologic datasets? Do we have to do all that formal, structured metadata? What the hell is CSW anyways?

As an experiment, I built a new site: metadata.usgin.org. This site is buit with Node.js, a really cool way to build a web server by running server-side javascript code. Its so easy. Here's my code. So what does it do?

It acts as a proxy server. You ask it for http://metadata.usgin.org/record/a386a4ba-e892-11e0-9e4a-0024e880c1d2, and it reads that file identifier out and issues a CSW GetRecordByID request to a CSW server. The response to that CSW request is an XML document, and nobody (including Google) really cares about that, so the server formats the record as a very simple HTML page.

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