Git Setup: Public Repositories, Secure Commits

I did this primarily based on blog postings at, and also See these posts to see what I did pretty much verbatim.

The big configuration difference is that I wanted the git repositories to reside on the elastic-block store, but be accessible in the usual way. So, after installing git and gitosis and adjusting my gitosis-admin repository, I moved all the repostories from /home/git/repositories to /mnt/ebs/git/repositories. A symlink in the /home/git/ directory links to the repositories on the elastic block store, which makes them accessible to the git user as they need to be.

PostgreSQL Trigger - make harvested/uploaded metadata records editable in Geoportal

By default, metadata records that are harvested into the Geoportal are not editable. This includes any records in the Geoportal that were not created explicitly with interface provided by the web application ("Use dedicated editor to create metadata manually"). The SQL below creates a database trigger that allows harvested records to be edited.

Be aware that there is the potential for a lossy data translation when you do this. The harvested record is completely rewritten using the schema definitions that your Geoportal implements. If the original harvested record has any data that is not included in your schema implementation, that data will be lost after the original is edited. Another way to put that is, if you edit a harvested record, the edited version will only contain information that you see in the editor interface. If the original started with anything else in it, that will be lost.

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