Installation and use of Yourkit Java Profiler

  1. On the virtual machine, create a folder for, and download the Java Profiler, unzip it:
  2. mkdir yourkit (this makes the folder in the root user's home directory)
    cd yourkit
  3. Generate a script that allows you to use the Yourkit tool from a remote location
  4. java -jar /root/yourkit/yjp-8.0.19/lib/yjp.jar -integrate

Installing GeoNetwork 2.4.2 under Tomcat with a MySQL Backend

Setup the MySQL Database for Geonetwork to Use

  1. From the command prompt on the instance, type the following commands:
    mysqladmin create geonetwork -u root -p

    You will be prompted for the password for the root MySQL user.

Connecting to PostgreSQL via SSH Tunneling

In the event that you don't want to open port 5432 to any traffic, or you don't want to configure PostgreSQL to listen to any remote traffic, or if you simply can't make it work right (that's where I am right now...) you can use SSH Tunneling to make a remote connection to the PostgreSQL instance. Here's how:


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