USGIN Catalog and Data Services website released

The USGIN Catalog and Data Services website ( hosts several geospatial metadata catalog (CSW) and geospatial data services (WMS, WFS, WCS) implementations and clients. Although the site functions as a showcase of USGIN service implementations, the Catalog Service for the Web service (CSW - is a primary metadata node for the U.S. Geospatial Information Network.

Available services and clients at this time:

Metadata interest group

group for general posting on metadata content, standards, tools

general forum for questions, comments, discussion about metadata

USGIN joins CS IDEC in developing the CatalogConnector CSW client

USGIN has joined Infrastructura de Dades Expaciales de Catalunya (IDEC) in developing the opensource CSW client CatalogConnector.


To expand on the article, USGIN is contributing to the CatalogConnector in hopes of making the software more user friendly and efficient. As such, USGIN has already contributed code to improve front end user capabilities and optimizations to improve http response speed. If you have any requests or suggestions in regard to the CatalogConnector, please drop us a line.


CatalogConnector is an open source, Java based CSW client that can search multiple CSW catalogs and CSW implementation versions at once.

CatalogConnector SVN activity statistics for the past 12 month

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