Windows Setup Guide for Downloading, Developing, Deploying and Debugging GeoNetwork within Eclipse

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The enclosed document explains how to download the GeoNetwork trunk from Eclipse, and then configure the web app to deploy as a Tomcat module (also within Eclipse). This setup allows for streamlined GeoNetwork development, as all necessary development functions are contained within one IDE.



GeoNetwork moved to Maven environment

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The tutorial is deprecated since GeoNetwork has moved to a Maven development environment. See for the changes.

Document Updated

The document has been updated to include the changes mentioned below.

Another Setup Note

Two problems that exist with this setup are the Help page does not load correctly and the map does not display very nicely. I've found the solution to the map problem:

Open web\intermap\WEB-INF\mapServers.xml. Locate the <default name="Layers for default map -- DUMMY NAME:not used"> element. Update it to look like this: 

<default name="Layers for default map -- DUMMY NAME:not used">
            <server url="http://localhost:8080/geoserver/wms" type="2">
                <layer name="gn:world" />
            <server url="http://localhost:8080/geoserver/wms" type="2">
                <layer name="gn:gboundaries" />

A few more notes

There are a few fixes that I have not yet placed in the PDF:

You need to place the arguments


in your project run configuration in Eclipse to avoid OutOfMemory errors.

Also, to debug your project, you need to add your project in the Source tab within the run configuration for your project. To do so, navigate to Run Configurations or Debug Configurations for your project and then select the Source tab. Next, click Add and then select Java Project and select your project.

Lastly, the Eclipse/Tomcat debugger will not detect any changes to your Java code unless you run build.xml and restart Tomcat. I am not quite sure why this is true, but it is a minor annoyance.

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