ESRI CSW Client Installation and USGIN Catalog Profile

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ESRI Provides a CSW client that plugs into ArcMap.  The client can be used to browse and query ESRI Geoportal servers.  The spatial data query results can be displayed in ArcMap if the query results originate from a live data source.  Browse to for instructions on how to download and install the CSW client.

The CSW client can be used to query the USGIN Geoportal.  The geoportal is currently a development version located on our development server.  The following list outlines the steps required to install the profile for the USGIN's development geoportal.

1. Install the ESRI CSW Client (

2. The CSW client installation process will install xml and xslt configuration files to C:\Program Files (x86)\ESRI\Geoportal\CswClients\Data, but once installed the client will look for those files in C:\Program Files\ESRI\Geoportal\CswClients\Data.  My suggestion is to copy all the files in C:\Program Files (x86)\ESRI\Geoportal\CswClients\Data to C:\Program Files\ESRI\Geoportal\CswClients\Data.  You might need administrator priviledges to copy the files.

3. Edit C:\Program Files\ESRI\Geoportal\CswClients\Data\CSWProfiles.xml and add the following xml segment after the opening <CSWProfiles> tag.

<!-- AZGS-USGIN -->
      <Name>USGIN - ArcGIS Server Geoportal Extension (GPT)</Name>
      <Description />

            <!--<Request expectedGptXmlOutput="FULL_NATIVE_GPTXML">CSW_2.0.2_OGCCORE_ESRI_GPT_GetRecords_Request.xslt</Request>-->
            <Request expectedGptXmlOutput="DETAILED_GPT_CSW202">USGIN_GetRecords_Request.xslt</Request>

4. Save and close the file.

    Notice the line "<![CDATA[service=CSW&request=GetRecordById&version=2.0.2&ElementSetName=full&OutputSchema=]]>"
    This line is a url requests paramater list.  The last key value pair (OutputSchema= tells the CSW client what output format to use to render the xml metadata record.

5. Copy USGIN_GetRecordByID_Response.xslt, USGIN_GetRecords_Request.xslt, USGIN_GetRecords_Response.xslt to C:\Program Files\ESRI\Geoportal\CswClients\Data.  You might need administrator priviledges to copy the files.

6. Start or re-start ArcMap and enable the CSW client

Start ArcMap, enable the CSW Client (Customize -> addin mnager)
Add the CSW Client button to a tool bar (Customize -> customize mode -> commands -> in "show commands containt" type csw
Drag CSW icon (binoculars) to any toolbar
Click binocular icon on tool bar

From ESRI GIS Portal Find Services interface:
1 click "Configure"
2 Catalog Service URL =
3 Display name = [anything]
4 Click save button (blue floppy disk icon)
5 Click "Find" tab
6 "In Catalog" drop-down select name from step 3
7 Click "find" button
8 Select the "A Live Data Test"
9 Click "Add to Map" icon (icon with little green plus in lower right corner)
10 Map layers will be added to the legend list

Toggling layers can sometimes make all layers toggle off until the map re-renders.

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